I appreciate a modern vibe and aim to capture your story in its most holistic form, so you can relive it fully years later. 

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Photography had always been a passion of mine, but I never really viewed it as a potential career until I found myself unexpectedly shooting my first wedding in Kearney, NE. We were visiting my husband’s best friend and preparing for their wedding when it was brought to my attention that they did not have a wedding photographer. Thankfully, I happened to bring my very first camera (a Canon T3i Rebel) and offered to shoot their wedding right then and there. It was in that moment and through that experience that the course of my life was changed forever. 

Now entering my sixth year as a wedding photographer, I have had the honor to witness and capture lots of great moments expressing big love among couples and families who truly adore one another. Photographing the intimate interlocking of souls and offering the gift of remembering is why I love what I do. I love connection and I believe it’s through connection that an image can be powerful enough to grant us the opportunity to experience those beautiful moments of life all over again.

I value marriage and family. I believe it takes hard work to have a great marriage and a united family. Capturing the right two people coming together isn’t only beautiful — it’s an declaration of something truly extraordinary.

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Memories are attached to photos. Whenever that season of life is over or it’s simply just changed, photos help you to relive it. They bring comfort paired with a smile, and show you just how far you’ve come on your journey of living. 

Focus on living but be sure to capture the moments that deserve to be relived

My Philosophy

When I’m not shooting photos, you can find me teaching a spin class at a local studio in Waukee or coaching one of my kids sports teams. My family and my faith are super important to me. I value deep conversations, Iowa State athletics, and jogging with Bailey, our lovable, energetic goldendoodle. 

Isabella is what helped bring us back to the Midwest. As much as I love adventure and traveling, we both wanted to raise our kids closer to family. We put down roots right outside Des Moines, Iowa and now spend our days joyfully raising our three children - Isabella, Ashton, and Sawyer. 

I graduated in 2009 from Iowa State with a degree in Kinesiology and Health. The week after graduation I packed my jeep and moved to the East Coast. I began a career working at a Physical Therapy Clinic in Sterling, VA, right outside Washington D.C. During my time out East, I met my husband and was blessed not long after with our first baby girl, Isabella.

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Let’s let the images speak for themselves.

What I want for you is to absolutely adore your gallery of meaningful moments. My purpose is to reveal your undenying love, endearing sincerity, and unfiltered happiness through photography. 

Oftentimes, pictures are all we have left to remember life’s most precious moments. 

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